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Submitting your session proposals



How to submit session proposals

To submit a session proposal, please use our online submission form: hereProposals will not be accepted by email.

Fill in a separate form for each session you propose. All forms must be submitted by the lead organiser of that session.


Instructions for working with the proposal submission form

We recommend drafting your session description offline (maximum 700 words). Then go to the form, fill in the preliminary details, copy and paste your description into the space provided (Section 3; question 14) and click on SUBMIT. Remember to SUBMIT or your work won't be saved.

You may browse the form before entering information. Type in your email address and click on "NEXT" at the foot of each section of the form.

You can edit the form after submission. Each time you click on "SUBMIT," a copy will be sent to your email address. The email contains a link to return to the form and "EDIT RESPONSE". You must return to the form via the link in your email. If you copy and paste the URL into your browser, any information you enter will be saved as a new form.

You can edit your response right up until 7 September (11:59 PM Kuala Lumpur time). Any tinkering after that will not be taken into consideration by the selection committee. If there are matters of serious cosmic urgency that delay submission, please discuss with Lye Tuck-Po.



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