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(P49) Open-themed: panels

Contact: Lye Tuck-Po

Format: standard panels (15 minutes per speaker)

Pre-circulated papers: encouraged


These sessions are open to papers on any topic or theme of relevance to conference concerns. All disciplines are welcome. Propose a paper here if you don't find any session that fits your interests. Once papers have been selected (by the conference convenor and/or other researchers familiar with your general topic), they'll be grouped inductively in panels of four or five speakers each. Ideally each panel will contain its own thematic unity. 

Pre-circulated papers (extended versions of your work) are encouraged as a way to maximise exposure, as you'll only be able to present six- to seven-pages of text (double-spaced, 12 point font) within the alloted time of 15 minutes.




When you click on this link, you'll be taken to EasyChair. Open an account > "enter as an author" > "Select a track" from the list of sessions > fill in the submission form > "Submit". Step-by-step details here.